Colby-Sawyer College Abbey Hall

In 2012, Colby Sawyer College hired Banwell Architects to renovate basement spaces in Abbey Hall and Burpee Hall for dormitory use. The basement units had very little headroom and natural lighting.

Features of the renovations include:

  • Window renovations and shrubbery removal to enhance natural lighting
  • Additional entrances resulting in two egresses per dormitory to meet safety codes
  • Group bathroom for more accommodating shower space
  • Light colored materials to lend cheer to the basement rooms
  • Lower profile for ceiling lights and mechanical systems to reduce clutter on low ceilings
  • The renovated basement dormitory rooms provide comfortable and cheerful housing for Colby Sawyer students. By utilizing the basement space, Colby Sawyer was able to increase their on-campus housing.

Location: New London, NH
Size: 15,000 sf Renovation
Project Cost: $3,200,000
Completion: 2013

Project Images

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