White River Junction Toyota

Before the addition and renovations, customers of White River Junction Toyota dropped their cars off outdoors for the technicians. The repair bays were small and cars were in a constant shuffle for space. Toyota hired Banwell Architects to develop a more efficient, intuitive and accommodating design for the facility.

Features of the new and renovated facility include:

  • An indoor drop-off area leading to the waiting room to improve the customer experience
  • Intuitive transitions from drop-off, to repair facility, to rear exit
  • Large windows that welcome in natural daylight and offer outdoor views for technicians
  • Bigger and more organized tool and parts storage area to reduce clutter
  • Trench drain with radiant heat to improve safety by removing ice, snow, and water
  • Waste oil heater to recycle a common byproduct of the facility and save money
  • Color and material choices that comply with Toyota’s brand

The additional maintenance bay spaces enables Toyota technicians to service more cars in less time, improving the profitability of the repair and maintenance facility. The new space is more comfortable for employees and for customers, who enjoy the bright, clean, and modern accommodations.

Location: White River Junction, VT
Size: 17,717 sf New; 13,430 sf Renovation
Project Cost: $3,000,000
Completion: 2009

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