Girl Scouts of the Green & White Mountains Master Planning

The Girl Scouts of the Green & White Mountains owned fourteen properties across NH and VT. They needed to pare down their properties and hired Banwell Architects to complete a comprehensive review to determine which properties to eliminate. Banwell Architects developed plans for the existing facilities, and conducted three charettes to solicit feedback from members.

Features of the project include:

  • New dining hall design to accommodate 200 girl scouts
  • Renovation of existing dining area into sleeping pavilion
  • Upgrades to water area for accessibility and utility
  • New store to provide necessities and snacks
  • Moveable platform units to provide safe and comfortable sleeping quarters
  • Upgraded toilet facility with toilets and warm showers
  • New welcome center that provides information and orientation to newcomers

The upgrades have transformed a rugged camping area into an accommodating space, with many of the comforts of home. The design takes advantage of beautiful natural views, to offer the girls a safe and private community space.

Location: NH & VT Statewide
Size: Multiple Sites
Project Cost: Multiple Costs
Completion: 2014-2020

Project Images

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