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Biomass Heating Facilities

Woodchips and wood pellets are a renewable, locally produced energy source that is generally the least expensive fuel available. The principal economic advantage of biomass systems is that their fuel is considerably less expensive than competing fuels. In the Northeast, electricity generally costs about seven to nine times more per unit of energy than wood chips; oil and natural gas cost roughly two and one-half times as much as wood chips. The future price of wood chips can be predicted with more confidence than can the price of fossil energy sources, such as fuel oil, because the price is based on local rather than global economics. This means that biomass systems offer greater security from future fuel price shocks. Also, as a locally produced, renewable fuel, wood chips can offer both environmental and local economic benefits that other fuels cannot match.


Biomass Experience Includes:

  • Barre City Elementary & Middle School (Barre, VT)
  • Hartford High School (Hartford, VT)
  • Richmond Middle School (Hanover, NH)
  • Champlain Valley Union High School (Hinesburg, VT)
  • Westminster Center School (Westminster, VT)
  • Hanover High School (Hanover, NH)
  • North Country Union Junior High School (Derby, VT)
  • Whitingham Elementary & Twin Valley Middle School (Whitingham, VT) -Merrimack Valley Middle and High Schools (Penacook, NH)
  • Winnisquam Regional Middle and High Schools (Tilton, NH)
  • Pembroke Academy and Three Rivers School (Pembroke, NH) -Cornish Elementary School (Cornish, NH)
  • Windsor Village Apartments (Windsor, VT)
  • Lebanon Middle School (Lebanon, NH)
  • Messalonskee Schools (Oakland, ME)
  • Plymouth Elementary and High Schools (Plymouth, NH)
  • Falmouth Schools (Falmouth, ME)
  • Russell School (Rumney, NH)
  • Grafton County Complex (Haverhill, NH)
  • Maplewood Nursing Home (Westmoreland, NH)
  • Lyme Elementary School (Lyme, NH)

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