Banwell Boat Day!

Banwell had its annual boat day last Wednesday with Matt being our responsible boat driver for the day.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day on Lake Sunapee.  We all enjoyed Jeremiah’s famous guacamole, libations and an amazing lunch at the Anchorage Restaurant.

Lilli was first up for tubing and gets a prize for endurance and the biggest smile!  Next up was Rex, who definitely earns a prize for his panache.  I think he thought his girlfriend Julia was in the boat!

Brad perfected a few dance moves on the tube!  Matt was the best ice luger and the most stable on the tube… Jeremiah, on the other hand, thought he was in a James Bond movie, but then thought he was competing at the summer Olympics and nailed a back flip off the tube!

Tom was our professional spotter and made sure everyone had a great time, and Ingrid – as always – our biggest cheerleader!

Stay tuned for this winter when Banwell has their annual ski day!

Remember – Live life full every day!!


Ingrid and the Banwell Team