A Getaway in the Catskills

After a busy few months of preparing for my graduate architecture program and transitioning into my internship at Banwell, I was recently able to take some time off for a long weekend in the Catskills to recharge and take advantage of this unusually warm Spring weather. Lodging at the Getaway House retreat provided both easy access to the region’s hiking and sightseeing, and a tranquil, off-the-grid home base to return to in the evening. We spent our days trying local restaurants, exploring the Hudson RiverWalk and Kaaterskill Falls, and visiting the estates of the influential Hudson River School painters Thomas Cole and Frederic Church.

It was refreshing to return to our campsite after those long, fulfilling days and be welcomed by the clean lines and honest materiality of our rented cabin. Stripped down to the basics, the cozy space was a fitting and inviting backdrop that accentuated the surrounding landscape. Rather than distract from its idyllic setting, the simple cabin outwardly encouraged one to live in the present moment – and the poor cellphone reception helped to remove any distractions! Experiencing this rustic yet refined architecture firsthand was rejuvenating, and in some ironic sense, made me more excited to get back into the office when my trip was over. Unwinding by campfires at night before retreating to such comfortable conditions was a luxury I won’t soon forget – I’ve pitched my fair share of humid, bug-filled tents on summer nights – and this short break was well worth it.

– Rex Miller