Richmond Middle School

In 2004, the Dresden School District conducted an analysis of their middle school and high school properties. They determined that their middle school students were not well served by the current structure, which was designed for a high school curriculum. The district hired Banwell Architects to design a new facility that would provide updated, expanded, and tailored space for middle school students.

Features of the project include:

  • Biomass heating plant and high efficiency design to save money and resources
  • Grade appropriate elements for the gym, assembly area, labs, and teaching classrooms
  • Dedicated lanes for buses and vehicles for safer student drop off and pick up
  • Sited outside of the downtown area to improve safety and increase space for play and parking

Banwell Architects worked closely with the New Hampshire Department of Education to ensure that the building met standards for the school district. The biomass heating plant, which was partly funded by state grants, saved the district $45,000 during the first heating season and continues to save the district thousands of dollars annually.

Location: Hanover, NH
Size: 105,000 sf New
Project Cost: $13,200,000
Completion: 2005

Project Images

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