Maplewood Nursing Home of Cheshire County

Facing more restrictive regulations, Maplewood Nursing Home, originally con­structed in the 1970’s, needed to be updated and modernized to meet modern standards for senior living. The 150 bed facility does not increase in capacity, but upgrade rooms from shared units to 70% private resident rooms with private toilet and bathing facilities. Specialized floors will allow the facility to meet the diverse needs of the residents to provide a safe environment that maximizes the quality of life for each resident.

Included at each resident floor is a porch where residents are able to get outside for sunlight and fresh air. Separate dining and living rooms allow for staff to better serve the needs of the residents. Dedicated hospice rooms allow the residents to receive the care, comfort, and privacy they need while providing space for family members to be nearby.

The existing building will be weatherized to current standards and the new addition will exceed code minimums for insulation and air sealing. A new biomass heating facility will use locally sourced wood chips and will significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Location: Westmoreland, NH
Size: 77,905 sf Renovation / 62,856 sf New
Project Cost: $35,000,000
Completion: 2019

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