Lakebridge at Compass Drive

Lakebridge at Compass Drive is an affordable housing community. Housing Vermont and Rural Edge joined forces to purchase three historic and five non-historic multi-family residential buildings. In 2011, many of the structures had become derelict. Banwell Architects worked with the Rural Edge and Housing Vermont to design renovations and new construction that would reinvigorate the structures for affordable housing for 21 new improved units.

Features of the new and renovated housing include:

  • Two new apartment buildings(14 new units) to replace demolished non-historic structures
  • Hidden solar array on historic roofs to lend efficiency without detracting from historic facade
  • Design of tight, sloped property to facilitate snow removal, parking, playground and pedestrian vehicle circulation
  • Designed to accommodate four different green design programs
  • Local materials, timber overhangs, steep roof pitches, and attractive entry features were designed to appeal to the design tastes of two different clients

Additional playgrounds and laundry facilities enhance the residential experience at Lakebridge at Compass Drive. The renovations have revitalized the neighborhood, transforming dilapidated structures into comfortable, energy efficient, and affordable housing.

Location: Newport, VT
Size: 30,731 sf New and Renovation (21 Units)
Project Cost: $3,500,000
Completion: 2012

Certified by Enterprise Green Communities
Certified Development of
• Department of Energy – Energy Star for Homes
• Department of Energy – Builders Challenge Criteria
• Green Communities
• National Association of Home Builders – National Green Building Certification

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