Champlain Valley Union High School

In 2004 , the student body at Champlain Valley Union High School (CVUHS) had grown too large for the facility. The district hired Banwell Architects to develop a phased master plan that would upgrade the building over multiple vacation breaks to minimize disruption during the school year. Banwell Architects recommended a series of projects that would improve parking safety and access and provide new playing fields, a synthetic running track, and outbuildings for emergency power and concessions.

Features of the new facility include:

  • A self-contained ninth-grade wing to facilitate transition to secondary school
  • New windows, insulation, ventilation, and biomass heating system to reduce energy costs
  • Enclosed media center and library for student engagement at heart of the school
  • Reduced number of entryways to improve campus safety and reduce heating costs
  • Security upgrades at entryway for greater safety and school security
  • Energy efficient light fixtures that qualified for Efficiency Vermont rebates for energy savings

The new CVUHS facility was entered into Efficiency Vermont’s Better Buildings by Design competition to earn the Best of the Best Award in 2006. By implementing greater efficiency measures and biomass heating systems, the building is estimated to provide the school combined annual savings of $180,000.

Location: Hinesburg, VT
Size: 63,000 sf New; 157,000 sf Renovation
Project Cost: $15,200,000
Completion: 2005
Awards: 2006 Efficiency Vermont Best of the Best Award

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