Cardigan Mountain School – Kenerson and Wakely

In 2013, Cardigan Mountain School (CMS) was ready to expand their athletic facilities. They hired Banwell Architects to renovate the Kenerson Athletic Facility to open space for locker rooms, a toilet/shower facility, and faculty locker rooms. They also needed a second-story addition for offices, a lounge, and fitness, locker, wrestling/exercise, and meeting rooms in the Wakely Arena.

Features of the new facility include:

  • Improved skate sharpening and training area for ice rink
  • Full therapy tub and three taping stations that bring the facility in line with current standards
  • Curved roof design that ties the addition to the rink and sheds winter snow
  • Female faculty locker rooms to accommodate women at this all-boy school
  • Separation between weight room and locker room for greater privacy

As a result of the new design, Cardigan Mountain School is now able to offer a wider range of athletic facilities to support their students and attract families and fans. By improving their therapeutic offerings and including female facilities, their athletic amenities match and, in some cases, exceed those of similarly ranked schools.

Location: Canaan, NH
Size: 9,050 sf New (Wakely); Renovations (Kenerson)
Project Cost: $2,655,376
Completion: 2013

Project Images

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