Thetford, VT

Three projects between 1995 and 2008

Project Description:
By 1994, the curriculum at Thetford Academy had developed beyond the capacity of their facilities. The private school hired Banwell Architects to develop a master plan outlining facilities goals for meeting the academy’s evolving needs. After completion of the master plan, Thetford Academy asked Banwell Architects returned in 2007, to design a new 250-seat auditorium/theater; and again, in 2008, to design renovations and additions to two of the school’s main buildings.
Features of the projects include:
•A central pedestrian “quad” to replace parking space and improve campus flow
•Renovations and additions to four buildings to update learning spaces for new curricula
•A steeply raked seat bank in the theater to allow unimpeded viewing of the stage area
•A theater control room to facilitate lighting, sound, projection, and stage management
•Additions and renovations to expand space for science, athletics, drama, music, and food service
Due to Thetford Academy’s ongoing commitment to campus maintenance and improvement, students and faculty enjoy a comfortable learning environment that continually provides for ever-changing educational needs.