Plymouth, NH

Plymouth Regional High School and its Regional Career and Technology Education Center were built in the 1980s. Since then, the school’s technology and teaching methods have evolved, while their structural accommodations remained the same. Banwell Architects was hired in 2014 to design updated spaces to better serve a contemporary student body.

Features of the project include:
• Equipment adaptations to serve technology-savvy students
• Adjoining lab and classroom spaces to facilitate monitoring of two classrooms at oncePortfolio
• New code-compliant exit stairway to improve safety
• Renewable energy features to replace an ineffective passive solar Trombe wall
• Biomass heating system and photovoltaic solar roof panels to serve both programs

Through the renovation and construction of the high school and career center, Banwell Architects was able to find new space for maximizing the use of individual rooms. The new building provides specialized venues for their core technology, new digital multi-media, health science, drafting/CAD, automotive, marketing, and culinary arts programs.

Size: 40,000 sf New/Renovation
Project Cost: $9-10,000,000
Completion: Preparing for March 2016 Bond Vote