Lebanon, NH


In the winter of 1992, the new Lebanon United Methodist Church, a 160-year-old Victorian white clapboard church burned to the ground. Banwell Architects was hired to design a new building that would conform to the footprint of the surviving foundation. The building committee agreed to retain some of the original building features without reproducing the original structure, which did not offer optimal space for the church’s congregation. It was important that the new structure integrate well with the neighborhood and maintain its prominent presence.

Features of the new facility include:
• Original design elements reinterpreted into contemporary design features for a timeless feel
• Energy efficient envelope to retain heat and reduce energy costs
• Larger lobby design to provide more comfortable gathering space
• Design and frame that permit future addition of an elevator and balcony

The final design represents the sum of the main ideas of the nine subcommittees which participated in the design process. This participatory design process produced a robust, handsome building that responds functionally to the needs of the congregation and generated a high degree of enthusiasm within the church and community.

Size: 9,200 sf New
Project Cost: $600,000
Completion: 1994