Green Woodlands Project

Green Woodlands is a multi-generational family partnership with a goal of preserving a piece of nature for future generations.  Currently, they have approximately 20,000 undeveloped acres of land under forest management.  Primary activities are wildlife management, historic preservation, environmental research and education, sustainable “green” forestry, and forest property preservation.  In keeping with their charter, this project meets the highest standards of environmental stewardship and promotes environmental education and research.  The intent of this project is to provide a “live demonstration” of the best environmental design and construction technologies available today and that are appropriate to Northern New England.  There is no electrical grid at green woodlands.  Therefore, power for the barn/house is provided by solar cells that are laminated to the metal roof, making the installation barely noticeable.

Water conservation is demonstrated with the use of composting toilets and recycled grey water.  Durability is a key goal, and to that end building and systems design and material selection have been made with a goal to minimize ongoing maintenance. Auxiliary heat is provided by a highly efficient cordwood boiler and distributed by a radiant floor system.  Also demonstrated is a finish type masonry heater, a clean burning wood stove made of stone from the property.  All wood products for the barn house were  harvested from green woodlands’ sustainably managed forest.  The intent is to demonstrate the viability and variety of regional species as a preferable alternative to forest products imported from outside of the Northeastern U.S. In July 2009 the project was awarded LEED platinum, the U.S. Green Building’s Council’s highest level of certification.

Location: Dorchester, NH
Size: 4,600 sf New
Project Cost: $654,000
Completion: 2007
Awards: Awarded LEED™ Platinum

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