Another Great Banwell Ski Day!

Banwell Architects

The day started at 9:30 at Bear Mountain at Killington. The guys took the chairlift up and Jen and Ingrid headed to Snowshed to rent Jen some skis. When we got there, the parking lots were full so we pulled up to drop Jen off and who knew there is preferred parking for electric vehicles- learn something new every day! After getting Jen geared up we waited for the instructors to arrive. Tom, Brad and Andy (the instructors) met us at the magic carpet and began their adventure! Tom was the main instructor and pumped Jen up with confidence to ride up the carpet and then tear down the hill several times without falling and becoming more relaxed each time they went down. Kudos for Jen for getting outside of her comfort zone and trying skiing for the first time!

Meanwhile the rest of the possie was tracking all over the mountain. Tim, aka kamikaze telli man, and Adam “bomber boarder” spent lots of time in the woods looking for one of Tim’s skis that jumped off his foot. Randall Walter- who Ingrid went to college with and who works at Bensonwood joined us for the day and dazzled us on the chairlift rides up with all sorts of cool apps like peak finder and tracer technology that shows where you were and tracks your GPS location.

The entire group met up at the top lodge to have lunch and beverages. The view was spectacular and the best visibility I have ever seen at the top. After lunch the legs were feeling the burn but we skied on! “Bad Ass” Brad witnessed a yard sale from Andy (who we call Mikey cause he will try anything). Matt, whiskey-man, never stopped smiling the entire day and Jeremiah (who’s glad he doesn’t have to commute from Rutland anymore) looked like a pro on his rentals. The snow was amazing, the sun shined the entire day and there was no wind, so all in all a perfect day. We had boarders, skiers, novices and experts and everyone enjoyed being out on this beautiful day.

Missed those of you who were not able to come this year- but there is always next year!!!

Happy Spring!