Vermont Technical College – Williston Dormitory

In 2010, Vermont Technical College purchased a local office building that they hoped to use as a dormitory. With a value driven budget, they hired Banwell Architects to transform the block-like office structure into a more homey living area for students.

Features of the project include:

  • Encourage community with centrally located lounges, study room, and support spaces.
  • Maximized sunlight in perimeter dormitory rooms
  • Existing water loop heat pump systems revived to provide energy efficient cooling
  • New baseboard hot water system installed to provide heating control in dormitory rooms
  • Outdoor air distributed to indoor spaces to improve dormitory air quality
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures replaced old lighting systems for greater savings
  • New technology installed to support multimedia connectivity

As a barometer of its success, students now clamor to live in the renovated three-story dormitory house.

Location: Williston, VT
Size: 12,000 sf Renovation
Project Cost: $1,220,000
Completion: 2011

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