Revit 3D Modeling

Retreat Farm – Exterior Building Concept

Banwell Architects is dedicated to investing in technology for our company.  Our entire staff is fully trained on the most current version of Revit, our computers have all been purchased in the  last two years, we have a brand new server and all of our printing equipment is new.   Instrumental in our design process, we utilize the live Revit model in design meetings.  The 3D capabilities allow us to fully present our design intent to clients, maximizing feedback, critique and development.

Benefits of Revit:

– Live “working” design meetings
– Ease of client visualization (3D)
– Conflicts identified with engineering design team
– Streamlines coordination with design and construction
– Minimizes change orders
– Provides client with accurate as builts

Provisions International – 3D Revit Model

Provisions International – 3D Revit Model

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